Important Questions to Consider Before Deciding on a Potential Child Care Centre

Posted on: 4 August 2017

The child care centre you choose is very important, as you want your child to be safe and well supervised, but also happy and even eager to visit the centre every day. It's also vital that a child is not parked in front of a television set or video monitor all day, but be allowed to play and interact with other children. Because it can be difficult to choose a quality centre for a child that fits all these requirements, note a few important questions to consider before making that choice, so you know your child will be cared for and happy while staying there:

What about food and snacks?

It's usually the responsibility of the parents to provide food for children, but you might ask if anything is included in your costs, such as milk for lunch or snacks in the afternoon. Some child care centres may provide raisins or crackers for children, and some might provide items like milk if you pay for these in advance, while others provide no food or drinks.

Also, note their facilities for storing food; will they have a refrigerator, or do you need to invest in a cooler or insulated lunch bag? To ensure your child is comfortable and well-fed, it's good to ask exactly what is and what is not included, and what a parent is expected to provide by way of food and snacks.

Does the centre include early learning?

When you see the phrase "early learning," this often means that a childcare centre will offer some teaching for children; this might include lessons about colours, letters, shapes, and so on. This can give your child a great advantage when they are ready to enter school and can ensure their minds are stimulated throughout the day. Ask a centre about any early learning they include as part of their daily schedule, as that would be beneficial for your own child.

How much time is spent outdoors?

Allowing a child to be outdoors, playing and being active, can keep them healthy and also tire them out, so they sleep better at night! While it may not be good to be outdoors during extreme weather conditions, even a few minutes outside during winter and summer is good for children. Ask the centre how much time children are allowed outdoors, and check their outdoor area, so you know your child will have some play time during the day and won't be restless when you're ready to retrieve them in the evening.


Child care after school

In some ways, it gets even harder to find child care for your kids when they start school. Not many jobs allow you to do school pick-ups and drop-offs each day and my job definitely requires more time in the office than that. Many parents find innovative solutions to make it all work, but other parents seem to really struggle with finding a great solution that works for them and the kids. That's why I thought I'd start a blog where parents and child care gurus could swap tips on the best ways to organise child care for school aged children.



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