How Childcare Sets Kids Up With Skills For Life

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Childcare is a necessary solution for working parents, giving you a convenient way to ensure your kids are well looked after while you're earning a living. It's hard for relatively new parents to start leaving their child in someone else's care, but it might help to learn that there are a lot of benefits for the child, as well as ensuring they're safe and cared for.

In fact, the things a child can gain from being in childcare might even convince you that it's a good idea for them to spend a little bit of time away from you even if you're not working. They can start helping your child gain lifelong skills and set them up well for the future.


Exposing children to a group of others at a young age helps their social skills grow quickly. Spending time with children of a similar age helps them get used to socialising and getting along with other people, and it leaves an impression that lasts for life.

And it's not just about other children – they also learn to get to know new adults, and often show improved behaviour and better obedience.

An easier time at school

Starting school can be a shock when a child has had several years at home with their family. Childcare can act as a sort of soft introduction to the idea, so that when they do start school, it doesn't seem so daunting and upsetting for them. As a bonus, it's easier for parents, who often experience a difficult time when their child is away for the first time.


Although many parents try to introduce a firm structure while their child is young, it's not the same as having the routine of going to childcare at certain days and times. This idea of routine from an early age helps immensely not only with school but with being a productive adult.

A boost to development

Through childcare, children can be exposed to a range of skills that you might not be able to teach them at home. Being able to try all sorts of new things gives a big lift to their development and helps them work out what they like and what they're good at.


Even the shyest children tend to come out of their shell a bit at childcare. By the time they start school, low confidence can be more firmly set in their personality, so childcare makes children more confident as they grow.


Child care after school

In some ways, it gets even harder to find child care for your kids when they start school. Not many jobs allow you to do school pick-ups and drop-offs each day and my job definitely requires more time in the office than that. Many parents find innovative solutions to make it all work, but other parents seem to really struggle with finding a great solution that works for them and the kids. That's why I thought I'd start a blog where parents and child care gurus could swap tips on the best ways to organise child care for school aged children.



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