2 Ways to Handle Exhaustion When You're Pregnant and Raising a Toddler

Posted on: 14 March 2018

Raising a toddler can be tiring, and so can pregnancy. That's why it comes as no surprise that mothers who experience both simultaneously can quickly become exhausted. If your toddler seems to have boundless energy that your pregnant body and mind can't keep up with, here are 2 solutions that will give you the rest you need.

Teach Them How to Play Alone

Parents of newborns often can't wait for the day their child is old enough to play with. However, when that day comes while you're pregnant, playing with your toddler can quickly start to feel less like fun and more like hard work. By teaching your little one how to play happily alone, you'll give yourself some break-time and you'll be able to find the joy in playing together again. It'll also prepare your toddler for the difficulty of no longer having your undivided attention once your new baby is born.

The first step to starting independent play is to set aside a safe space. Ideally, this should be somewhere you can see your toddler without them seeing you, as this can make them get fussy quickly. You may want to use a video baby monitor to achieve this. Next, decide on a good time of day to schedule independent play; this should be a time when your child is well-rested and content, such as after breakfast. Then just start with 5 minutes of independent play on day one and work your way up over the coming weeks. Remember not to give in to tantrums; sooner or later, your toddler will come to love their alone time just as much as you do.

Enrol Them in Day Care

Many pregnant mothers feel reluctant to enrol their toddler in day care when they get exhausted because of an internal sense of guilt. While it's easy to feel guilty about struggling to balance pregnancy and parenting, you shouldn't. Mothers are only human, and everyone reaches a point where they run out of energy. On top of this, it's important to remember that day care shouldn't be seen as a last resort for when the going gets tough. Whether a parent is struggling to keep up with their toddler's energy or not, day care can be a valuable rite of passage. In day care, your toddler will get to expend as much energy as they want as well as make friends, improve their communication, and prepare for school. Reach out to a local day care centre for more information. 


Child care after school

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